Fun and flirty dresses, chic separates and one-of-a-kind flourishes are just the beginning of the Salon Zinnia and Lifestyle Boutique Collection.

A hot outfit is the foundation for a fun day or night, and Salon Zinnia can make that happen! Swing by our boutique and let one of our stylish salon coordinators help you put together an ensemble that will have you looking chic from head to toe. From eye-catching hair accessories to show-stopping clothing, we carry everything a chic girl could ever need!

Whether you are revamping or just plain vamping, the perfect piece is waiting for you at Salon Zinnia and Lifestyle Boutique. With a few fresh accessories from our distinctive Boutique, you too will be well on your way to becoming a Zinnia Zealot*.

*Zinnia Zealot (zin’ e e zel’et) n. ultra-enthusiastic urbane babe with a keen sense of self and a cool sophistication. Every bauble, top, lotion, potion and trinket is hand-picked by our stylish staff and reflect the super cool, super San Clemente superness.

The boutique also features a distinctive selection of thoughtfully chosen gift and household items. The perfect dress and a gorgeous leather tote. Hand-culled by the owner, many pieces are locally made and sourced and often feature a strong environmental or social conscience. And all pieces, well, they are just truly, wonderfully, magically cool.